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Gas system of the Republic of Croatia

On 4 June 2008 the Government of the Republic of Croatia received the report from the Ministry of Economy stating that the Development Plan for Construction and Modernization of Gas Transport System of the Republic of Croatia is carried on in accordance with the approved dynamics: I. system section of Lika and Dalmatia, on the section Podrebar-Josidol, is in the construction phase and its commissioning is expected during summer; for the system sections II, III and IV, the Environmental Impact Assessment was done and approved, and at the moment was being waited for the improvement location permit; the project documentation was being done for all main pipe-lines, and the construction activities for regional pipe-lines (especially Vodnjan-Umag) was being prepared, as well as the construction of all necessary measuring-reduction stations was in accordance with the planned dynamics. Apart from this, the intensive activities were conducted on the fulfilling interconnection between the Croatian and Hungarian transport system, as well as on the other development projects: IAP, interconnections to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, Adria LNG evacuation pipe-lines, NETS…


On the above mentioned session, the Government of the Republic of Croatia accepted all proposals made by the company Plinacro d.o.o. and made decisions that set the further progress of its activities:


- With the aim of interconnection realisation with the Republic of Hungary, i.e. realisation of main natural gas supply direction for the needs of the Republic of Croatia, after signing the Memorandum of Understanding in May 2007, the intensified activities resulted with the mutual harmonisation of technical characteristics for the project of the international pipe-line Slobodnica−Donji Miholjac−Dravaszerdahely. The approval was given for the interconnection realisation of the new nominal diameter DN 800mm and maximum working pressure 75 bar, with the total length 298 km (Hungarian section Varosfeld–Bata–Dravaszerdahely amounts 210 km, Croatian section Donji Miholjac–Beničanci–Slobodnica amounts 88 km).

The proposal acceptance for the bigger pipe-line diameter will enable considerate enlargement of the gas system performance, due to which the better balancing of the gas system will be insured until the construction of the new storage capacities, especially during the peak gas consumption period.


- within the frame of soon signing of the Energy Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Hungary, with the aim of realisation of the intention of Croatian and Hungarian gas transport systems, company Plinacro d.o.o. is in charge to sign the Letter of intention with the Hungarian gas system operator, company FGSZ - Natural Gas Transmission (former MOL Natural Gas Transmission), in which will formally be stated all characteristics and deadlines for the construction of the international pipe-line Slobodnica−Donji Miholjac−Dravaszerdahely.


- Due to the IAP project realization, from the Albanian Fiere to Ploče, that will connect the Croatian transport system to the TAP project (Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Project) and through this enable the realisation of new supply and transport natural gas direction from the Caspian region (in order to realize direction and supply diversification for the Republic of Croatia and other countries from the region: Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina), company Plinacro d.o.o. was given the Government's full consent for the continuation of preparatory activities and cooperation with the Swiss company EGL: comprehensive Feasibility study is being prepared in order to prove the cost effectiveness of the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline from the technical and financial-commercial point of view, as well as its influence on a considerate improvement of its economy and better usage of transport capacity of pipeline systems of Lika and Dalmatia (main pipelines Bosiljevo–Split and Split–Ploče). In this way Plinacro was approved to revise the technical characteristics and implementation dynamics of the pipelines foreseen by the Plan, due to better utilisation of their transition potential, in accordance with the needs of the Ionian-Adriatic pipeline project implementation.


- Following the above mentioned conclusions made by the Croatian Government setting the further business course of the company Plinacro d.o.o., the consent was given for the harmonization of valid Development Plan for Construction and Modernization of Gas Transport System of the Republic of Croatia, as well as its amendments in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, in order to enable the successful realization of all listed projects.